Friday, March 22, 2013

Flowers and More... Flowers GALORE!!

I think that you can tell by now that I am ALL about student generated work.  I give the framework, and they do the rest!!  Right now, our kindergarten hallway is filled with student work and we love it.  We had a visitor(s) come last week and they just could not get over the classrooms and hallways filled with children's creations.
Right now we are studying flowers.  With the week before spring break, we were just happy the children wanted to learn about anything!!  I hope that everyone has a bery blessed Easter and if you are on spring break this week, ENJOY!! for when we come back, you better eat your Wheaties.... there are NO. MORE. BREAKS. UNTIL. THE. END!!

 The children were put into groups to label the parts of a flower.

 Flowers have stems, Flowers need compost, Flowers are colorful

Describing words of a flower: Daffodil, Buttercup, bloom, grow

This is from one of my neighbor teachers, Mrs. Robinson

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