Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry....

Don't you just LOVE this book??  The kids had SO much fun with this one.  We have veered a little off course with our reading program and decided to add in some of our own favorite stories, still focusing/reviewing our target skills.  They brainstormed words that reminded them of the story, held in their head and drew a mental image, and webbed character traits or things that the little mouse did in the story. We wrapped it up with graphing if we liked strawberries and completed a number web.    

This one was my FAVORITE mental image drawing.  I got this idea from teachers pay teachers.  (Cara Carroll)  

 You may notice a few stars on their papers. We were looking for "strong"  words that were used in the book so they could use them in their writing as well.  Strong words are TIER II words that have multiple meanings and make our writing "sassy" and exciting!!! 

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