Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blogger Banter

OK.  So I have posted ALL things related to school and I thought it might be nice just to chat about my blog.  I am getting around 25 hits per day, sometimes more, sometimes less.  Of all of the blogs that I have followed, and there are many, I have never left a comment.  NEVER!  But there are SO many things that I used in my classroom that were very effective that I found from blogs.  The purpose of my blog is for teachers to see "Best Practices and Research Based Teaching" in action.  What does it look like and how can I tweak something I see to fit me and my teaching style??  I am thinking about starting a website.... it would be broken into monthly theme ideas along with a section for writing, small group ideas, and a few video posts.  With all of that said, I am wanting input.  You can leave comments or email me.  My address is :  I guess I am wanting to know if the things that you are seeing are helpful, useful, beneficial, etc.  This has been LOTS of fun for me and I hope that it is helping the "sisterhood" of early childhood teachers that we are!!  
Can anyone say "Spring Break, Please, oh please come quickly!!"  The natives are restless and in the midst of it all, we had a kindergarten play.  As always, it was ADORABLE, PRECIOUS, DELIGHTFUL, well, you get the idea.  But LOTS of hard work.  We write our own plays every year and I must say, we do a doggone good job.  This year it was a rhyming play about our day.  It ranged from manners to lunch to making friends.  If you are in need of a play, we have written 5.  Email me and I can hook you up.  We are actually thinking about putting them on TPT, but that has not lifted off the ground yet.  I am posting a few  pictures so you could what they looked like.  In the words of one of my middle son's second grade friends, "That was the funnest play I ever saw!!"  Cole, we certainly thought so too!! 

Did I mention that my son shot his first turkey of the season??  Yessir and it was mighty tastey!!  You have not had turkey until you have a fresh turk right from the woods to the deep fryer.  This is a picture of him and my middle son and my 6 year old niece.  Yes, she hunts too, as LOTS of southern women do!!


  1. Love your blog! I'm really enjoying the photos! I will be doing your Easter basket math idea next week. I also love the number fan idea! Thanks for sharing! Jamie, K teacher in Maine

  2. I plan to post a few more things this week so stay posted. Thank you so much for your response!!

  3. I love seeing the different activity the children get to experience with your teaching. The pictures of the children make my day, I am Joshua Barnes Grandmother and I live so far away this helps to keep up with what he is learning. Great job!!!