Sunday, September 21, 2014

All Things Fall!!

I think that I should be whipped for waiting this long to post.  Blogging was taking up LOTS of my time last year and I promised myself to slack off a little and well..... I did a pretty good job.  The purpose of my blog is not have teachers purchase products from our TPT page.  It's just to provide teachers with ideas in which students can grow as learners, thinkers, readers, and writers, as well as being fun for teachers.  So with all of that said... Here are a few ideas for fall.  You will notice that we are beginning to allow the children to write some initial sounds in words.  The letters you see are the letters/sounds that we have covered thus far in the school year :) If you would like a copy of the graphic organizers used, just email me and I will be HAPPY to email it to you!