Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week and Character Dress Up Day

 O.k.  So it is Character Dress Up Day at BES and I am not sure who had the better time... the kids or the teachers!!  I had SEVERAL children absent today due to LOTS of yucky, sicky stuff going around. The book that the teachers chose was Shoe La La.  It is about some friends that have a sleepover and decide to make their own prissy, sassy shoes. I think we pulled it off just right!!  



Cutest Book EVER!!!!!!!

This is my principal.... Mrs. Lambert.  She dressed as Miss Bindergarten.. and the WILD day in Kindergarten.  How appropriate!! What a blessing to have a principal that likes to "play" too!! Don't you just LOVE her Eyes On Me sign??  Good ole' Dollar Tree.

These are my gals that dressed up like their favorite book characters.  They range from Olivia to Red Riding Hood to Silverlicious. 
 Here my boys are posing with their favorite books.  How cute are they??  

      Cat In A Hat

We made an  attribute chart for a few of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters.Cat Sleeping on a Stack of Books                                                

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