Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving, Farm, and More

Well, I am WAAAYYY behind with my posts.  I will learn that I need to take pictures of things one year prior to each holiday or weekly theme so that I can post them on time the following year.  My husband took a trip to Kansas for 2 weeks and I have been SWAMPED at BES with a book study, unpacking ELA standards, unpacking math CC standards, and shoooooo...... I NEED A VACATION!!  The following pictures are a hodge podge of Thanksgiving, farm, and a few Scott Foresman story charts.  I have had a few people to email me from my last post asking for copies of things or the name of stories that I use.  I will be happy to email you anything that you see that the students have completed. I am not trying to sell anything, just sharing a few ideas.  Happy Thanksgivng to everyone!! You will notice on a few student writings that the blank are colored.  This makes it very easy to complete a whole class interactive writing.  It is an easy way to use colors as your writing guide.

                                                          Farm Fun

 We use Scott Foresman as our skeletal reading series.  This writing activity was an extension of a story called "We are So Proud".  A GREAT book with purposeful vocabulary!!

  Loopy Turkeys.... you cut strips of construction paper and the children glue the two ends together which makes a loop.  Our math topic was greater than, less than, so I allowed each student to select a number between 3-10 .  Then they placed that amount of loops on their turkey.  Then we decided if the loops equaled more than 5 or less than 5. 

 We took the last 6 stories from our reading series and sorted them according to reality or fantasy and told why each story would be placed in that category.  Then we had the children illustrate in their reading station something that was real and something was make-believe.  I LOVED this!! and so did the kids.