Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Honeybees and Ladybugs

Cute Cartoon Bee  This week we are learning about insects.  On Monday, we brainstormed all of the bugs and insects we could think of.  Then, we focus on one insect per day.  We read a book about Honeybees and then made a whole group fact chart.  Next,  the children made their own bumblebee and we added a simple addition problem for our math practice.  The wings are made from wax paper. 

  We highlighted all of the vowels once the poster was completed. 

Next, came ladybugs.  I just do not like the "w" part of a KWL.  I find it hard for children to come up with things that they "W"ant to know, unless the subject really lends itself to good, thoughtful questions.  So... I did the K and the L portion of the traditional KWL GO map. 
Last, we created our own ladybugs and added spots and dots for doubles math fact practice. 

Ladybug on a Branch
 1. Ladybugs hibernate 2. Ladybugs lay eggs 3. They are different colors  4. Girls are bigger  5. Ladybugs have six legs 6. Boys and girls are called ladybugs 7. Ladybugs play dead

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