Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Laura Numeroff Palooza

Gray Kitty Cat
We had an author study.(We are seriously veering away from our current reading series..... with administrative permission , of course!!) We found a few things on pinterest, dabbled with TPT, and added a few touches on of our own.  This is a conglomeration of three of our K teachers, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Barrnetine, and Mrs. Johnson.  I warn you now... they spent HOURS cutting out all of the patterns but Mrs. Barrentine said it was well worth the scissor blisters and it was the "funnest" thing that they have created all year.  The goal really is connective literature, isn't it??.  By the third day, the children were recognizing the author/books  before the teacher could even show them the title of the text.  Now that's what I call making learning fun!!  I am posting LOTS of pics.

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