Friday, March 1, 2013

Number Fans and Books

 Number Clip Art       Cartoon Equals Sign
 We had a presenter from our State Math Initiative come and present some new ideas to us a few weeks ago.  She has a math site and we got this number "peacock" fan idea from her.  We made a copy for each student in the room and they colored it and we put it together with brads.  It is one the best things EVER!!  Such a simple concept that can encompass anything from answering addition problems to finding numbers that are in front of, after, and in between.   These are the books that we made for number sense, counting, and cardinality.  Each number (1-10) had a page.  Many times, I have found that we jump to addition and subtraction without having a FIRM foundation of number sense.  We really took our time with this to ensure mastery.  We wanted to children to have a strong grasp on each number and that the written number represents a number of objects.  THEY LOVED DOING THIS EVERYDAY!! 

Boy Holding a Giant Calculator

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