Thursday, May 9, 2013

Water Animals/Ocean and Pond

Because it has been a while since my last blog post,  I thought the bestest thing to do is to combine ocean and pond life into one large post. 
Ducks and Frogs and Beavers ... Oh My!!
The first things that we did was web pond animals after we looked at our tub of pond animal books. 

We read a book from our reading series called "Building Beavers" then we made a beaver out of paper plates and added a fact web.  This example came from Mrs. Robinson's Classroom :)

This also came from Mrs. Robinson's Class

As I always say... I try very hard to give credit when I go web searching for things that I can use in my classroom but I saw this in SEVERAL places.  Whoever came up with this idea.... Kudos to your creative self!!

Cycle of a Frog

Frog Clip Art

Ocean Crabs

 We read Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark (One of my personal favorites) I am showing my friend's graphic oraganizer from Ms. Barrentine's class. 
Then we made individual sharks along with a fact graph. 

Sharks are dangerous.  Sharks have sharp teeth.  They like to bite.  They can smell blood. 

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  1. Very cute very creative... I would like to know more related articles.