Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Zoo"Pendous Unit/Week 2

I know that it has taken wwaaaaaaay longer than one week to post follow up to week one but it has been a busy place at BES kindergarten.  We took our field trip to the zoo to wrap up our learning and exploration about zoo/jungle animals.  Let me know if you have any questions...... and check back because our next BIG undertaking is Parent's Day.  

I actually got this idea off of the blog "Krazy For Kinder".  I thought they turned out tooooo cute!!

I mentioned in the first post that my goal was to provide the children with a different writing extension or anchor chart with each zoo animal.   We did a whole group writing extension using colored blanks after we read a non-fiction book about monkeys.  

This was one of those animals that I am just not sure who to give credit to.  I saw this posted on LOTS of pinterest sites and blogs.  I created the graphic organizer. 

 Awesome Alligators
If you want to get the attention of your little fellows in your classroom, just read a few books about alligators.  I found this on the Krazy For Kinder site as well.  The graphic oraganizer was created by my neighbor, first year teacher, Ms. Johnson.  

Left Facing Alligator

Wrapping it ALLLL UP
To end our zoo unit, we created a graphic organizer where the children could choose their favorite zoo animal and write three facts about it using a flow chart.  These turned out so well.  I was SO very proud of their writing.  It made my heart smile!! We made a class book out of these. 

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