Friday, May 17, 2013

Parent's Day Program

Well, we did it.  Although it was absolutely precious, it surely does take A LOT of work!!  The first pictures are of the program and the remainder are from the reception.  
We were getting ready to get started.  The children began the program with singing, "It's a Beautiful Day" by Greg and Steve.  Then they recited a poem.  Finally, the children sang, "What a wonderful World' and each child held up pictures that displayed words in the song.  It was the sweetest thing.... many, many, tear filled eyes.

Trees of green and red roses too. 

 The Bright bless-ed day, dark sacred night

The Colors of the Rainbow, So pretty in the Sky,  

Are also on the faces, of people going by 
 Friends shaking hands, saying how do you do, They're really saying, "I Love You"

 (My favorite pics) I hear babies cry, I watch them grow

 And I think to myself, What a Wonderful World
They all held up their pics at the end of the song.   SSSSSSOOOOOOOO sweet!! and very age appropriate!!

We held the reception in the lunchroom and I am posting pics of  ALL the parents that showed up.  IT WAS PACKED!! 

A BIG BIG BIG thank you to all of our helpers who cleaned, served, and held down the fort for all of us K teachers while we got to mingle with the parents.  It was great!!!!!!


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