Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Parent's Day Program

We are getting ready for our end of the year program.  Usually, we have a day for moms and a day for dads.  This year, we cut the stress in half and decided to just to one day which included both parents/guardians.  We are going to perform two songs and a poem (I will share that in a later post once the program is complete) and then we are headed to a reception where the parents will receive a few goodies.  My favorite is the Kindergarten Cookbook. I love a memory book but this is my favorite.  Here's how we make this: We brainstorm our favorite things that our moms/dads cook.  Then I call them up one at a time and they call the receipe out to me.  I try to ask as few questions as I can.  I am posting my favorite three receipes.  I copy them and their parents will take home a copy of 18 new things to cook.  
SSSSOOOOOOO sorry...... tried and tried to turn the pics and they WOULD NOT cooperate!!  GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

How easy is this??  A gigantic puzzle piece with a magnet on the back.  The kids color it and we glued down their photo.  

I will post more pics after our program on Friday.  We have practiced and practiced and I am sure that it is going to turn out very cute.  We only have 6 more days........ Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!

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