Monday, April 8, 2013

Caterpillars and Butterflies

I know that when we begin this unit the end of the school is in sight.  Certainly spring has sprung in my classroom.  Children are blooming and so are the azaleas which are absolutely beautiful in the south!!  

Butterflies and Sunshine
I have seen this created several different ways on various websites and blogs. These are examples of our life cycle of a caterpillar.  The top one is from my classroom and the bottom one is from my fellow K teacher, Mrs. Robinson.  We partnered the children and they created the life cycle and labeled all of the appropriate information. 

 Anchor chart on things that change as they grow. Sorry, I should have posted this at the top.  This is how we started the week, discussing things that change as they grow.   
I do realize that not every kindergarten teacher enjoys the essence of painting... whether that be hands, watercolors, sponge painting, or finger painting.  But OH HOW THEY LOVE TO PAINT!!!!!!!! I think if I did it on a more regular basis, my classroom would not break into mayhem every time we paint.  Now, with that said, we DID paint white pieces of paper with sponge brushes to create Eric Carle caterpillars. I thought they turned out SO good!!  But more than anything, I love their writing.  I color code the blanks for the writing extension so that children who have a hard time keeping up with LOTS of blanks on a page, can certainly find the purple blank and write the appropriate word.  

Butterfly Chrysalis

Finally, we sequenced the things that the caterpillar ate throughout the week. 

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  1. WOW....super cute! I love the life cycle of the butterfly! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks