Monday, June 24, 2013

Rigor Workshop at Univeristy of South Alabama

Teacher Putting Books on Desk      One of my favorite quotes from the movie Pearl Harbor was this: "There is NOTHING stronger than the heart of a volunteer."  When educators come to workshops on their own free will when they do not have to... and during their  vacation..... to gain knowledge and understanding of current topics, there is nothing stronger than that. 
Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with all of the wonderful teachers of Alabama today.  Mobile and Baldwin County teachers are some of my favorites.  I feel like it is a family reunion each year.  I hope that you are were able to take away something fresh and fun for your classroom.  Rigor is a very hard concept to grasp but it is one that is essential to robust and effective instruction. 
I brought my camera but I forgot to take pictures......  THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!  I will be back in July presenting workshops for small groups and whole group comprehension/common core standards so I will hope to see you all again there!!  I will post our scope and sequence VERY soon.  If you are signed up to follow me, you will receive an email once it is posted.  It will include: weekly stories, phonics progression, high frequency word progression, phonemic awareness weekly/bi-weekly skills, writing and comprehension target skills, and our weekly/bi-weekly social science units.   Blessings to you all and I will see you again very soon!!

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