Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Favorite Fairy Tale Book Characters

This graphic organizer is the BOMB!!  I use it in math, reading, writing, vowel review,.. you get the point.  Main idea is in the center, and other details around it.
This week we have been learning about popular books characters.... with a twist.  This is one of my FAVORITE things to teach!!  This was a character attribute chart, both whole group and individual, that the children completed about our favorite girl... Goldilocks.  We also completed a before and after reading chart using our prior knowledge about things we already knew about the BIG Bad Wolf!!  Then we read Big Bad Wolf by Claire Masurel.  Then we made  new list of character attributes based on our new thinking. 

One of most favorite things is to see kids acting out their favorite stories.  What a great way to ensure accurate re-telling of a story!!  I think these cardboard figures may be as old as I am.. thus Wee Small Baby Bear is having to hold his head on. 

Another favorite thing of mine.... princesses and princes.  As a mom of 3 boys, I have very few opportunties to read "fluffy" books with tutus and crowns and other girly twirly things.  BUT I LOVE ME SOME PRINCESSES!! This is a great book by Robery Munsch The Paper Bag Princess.  So we had a before and after reading portion on the re-telling chart and then we sequenced the story.  Each child made a princess or prince, which I thought was pretty doggone cute stuff!! 

 Who doesn't LOVE Super Heros??  What a great way to "twist" the classic villian/hero story than for the kids to think about things that they are Super at doing.  One little boy said "Mrs. McBride, how do I choose?  I am super at lots of things!"  I had legs and shoes, but he/she would have hung WAY off the paper, so we settled for the shirt and cape. 

I think I mentioned this earlier in a previous post but I do color coded blanks so that when we are doing cooperative writing as a whole group activity, it allows the children to know exactly what they need to write on each blank.  "Go to the first red blank and write the word "am", etc. . Just for the record,,,,,, I do not tell them how to spell anything.  However, if the word is posted somewhere in the room, I do expect it to be spelled correctly.  I allow one child to go find the word and they may copy it. 

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