Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Buddies

Okay.  This is one of those things that is ALWAYS a question when I do do workshops on the importance of small group and how to incorporate re-reading.  HOW DO I GET MY KIDS TO RE-READ? Here is an idea that proves quite effective!!
This is a Reading Buddy.  The children color it and name it the first part of the year.  Their job is to re-read books from their  small group buckets.  They are color coded.  If a child is a Green Zebra, then they will choose texts from the green bucket.  If they are in the Yellow Cheetah group, they will choose books from the yellow bucket.  These books are texts they have read with me at the small group table.  They have also been taken home (usually on Thursdays) to read to their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, dogs, cats,and fish.  :)  When they are finished with reading stations/centers, they are to go read to their Reading Buddy. 

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