Monday, August 26, 2013

Rules, Procedures, and Western Dress Up Day.... Oh My!!

Well, we made it though our first week... virtually unscathed. I must say that the older I get, the more EXHAUSTED I am at the end of the first week.  I wanted to share a few beginning of school activities with everyone.  Some you may have seen these before and others may be new to you. 

No DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!  They just LOVE this story.  A great way to go over rules and things that we should and should not do. I love the David on the right... he's giving the thumbs up :)

Western Dress Up Day and Activities
Our "THEME" this year is Kindergarten Corral.  Every year we try to have some sort of dress up day the first Friday of school.  We also share a variety of activities that go along with our theme.  Here are just a few.
I like to give credit where credit is due.  The cowboy boots and pants cut out came from a teacher in Texas.  The pack is on TPT and her name is Jessica Williamson.  The others are BES originals.


 My sister-in-law made us the CUTEST Chevron pocket t's.  We were torn because we wanted to wear them SOOOO bad so we settled and dolled them up with our cuh-girl boots as a sassy western accessory.  I know I say it a lot but I sure mean it a lot...  It is an honor to get to teach with these gals every day. 

 My neighbor Mrs. Craft designed graphic organizer.  The yes and no response cards came from Jessica Williamson. 

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