Sunday, July 21, 2013

New (and seasoned) Teacher Advice

I saw this on the Flying into First Grade blog and thought this was FABULOUS!!  I had to type it instead of filling in the apples because my responses were TOOOO long.
Buy- NOTHING!! (at first)  How out of the ordinary is that??  It is NOT about the stuff... it is about effective, intense, systematic teaching!!  I have seen some of the most robust, rigorous teaching with just a book and some chart paper.  Once you adopt that theory, you will look for tools that will support your teaching style.  Sometimes that will include purchases that are not high dollar.... The dollar section at stores is one of the best places for teachers to visit.  
Always- Be yourself in all you do in that classroom.  Compare your style to NO ONE else.  God created you to be just that.... you.  You are like NO ONE else and that was His plan all along
Never- Shoot an ant with an elephant gun.  Keep problems in prospective.  React to small problems in small ways
Find- A good friend/mentor that you can vent to on days when it seems way harder than it should be
Make- Time for your family.  School should NOT be your every thought... it will wait until Monday
Be-  Patient with parents.  You are holding their greatest treasures every day.   
Sorry for the oversized picture..... I am not tech savy and it WOULD NOT shrink!! 


  1. What a cute idea! I like your advice on reacting to small problems in small ways. Advice that I need to take!!

    I am your newest follower ;)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. Great idea!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! It is to promote blogs with less than 200 followers. Follow the link if you'd like to participate!