Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Liebster Award... Whoo Hoo!!

First of all, I have not blogged in SEVERAL days!!  I have had the opportunity this summer to present at various workshops and inservice centers and it has truly occupied LOTS of my free time. I have been inspired with the teachers that I have met across the state of Alabama this summer.  My youngest son is having a 4 year old birthday bash this weekend AND I am teaching VBS at church this week. I have 60 bundles of pine straw sitting in my flower beds as we speak.. blah blah get the idea!!  BUSY BUSY BUSY!!  I feel like I will have better posts once this week is over and done. 
 Now with all of that said, I want to give a great big THANK YOU to Tracie Penn for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  I am MOST honored and blessed!!  Her link is:

The Liebster Award is for blogs with less than 200 followers in order to promote that blog, show appreciation, and hopefully draw more followers. To accept this nomination, you need to do a few things first. 

1. Link to the person who nominated you. 

2. Answer questions from your nominator. 

3. 11 random facts about yourself. 

4. Nominate five or more blogs with less than 200 followers. 

5. Pose questions to your nominees. 

Questions from my nominator:
1. What's your favorite school supply?
My favorite school supply is... crayons.  I LOVE the smell of them in the box.  Euphoria!!for teachers!!
2. What animal describes your teaching style?
The animal that best describes my teaching style is a  butterfly.  I flutter ALL OVER my room.  I am here, there and everywhere.
3. How many years have you been teaching?
I will begin my 16th year on August 13.  Time truly flies when your having a ball
4. What's your favorite restaurant?
My favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse.  Best steaks, honey cinnamon butter biscuits, and you get to throw peanuts on the floor.  And the most important thang.... They serve the best sweet tea :)
5. Which season do you like best?
I LOVE the season of fall.  The smell of pumpkin spice, feeling a chill in the air, and watching football games gets me every time.
6. Do you have a TPT store?
Yes, I just started my TPT store.  What a lot of work it takes to make a product. 
7. What subject do you most like to teach?
My favorite thing to teach is small group.  It's where the magic of reading takes place and I can a front seat everyday.
8. Do you have a class pet?
I do not have a class pet.  I think having twenty kids to take care of plus three personal kids is plenty enough for me
9. What's your favorite part of your classroom?
My favorite part of my classroom is my teaching rug.  It is where my class becomes a community and a family
10. If you could hire anyone in the world to teach your class, who would it be?
I would hire any politician that has made laws that effect teachers but they have never stepped foot in a classroom.  Be my guest my friend!!
11 Random Facts
1.  I can sing the sounds of the alphabet to the tune of any song that is given to me
2.  I took the 30 day challenge to listen to nothing but Christian music and I passed with flying colors and was uplifted too :)
3.  I LOVE the gals that I work with.  So much so, that we do things together outside of work. 
4.  I am a professional development presenter with several college universities across the state of Alabama.
5.  I was a Tigerette at Auburn University for two years.  (Waarrrrrr Eagle, HEY)
6.  I also like Florida State Seminoles
7.  My oldest son who is 12, is a walking/talking ESPN commentator. He can tell you any fact about any sports team or player.  (But mostly loves Seminole football and baseball facts)
8.  I am a mom of three boys
9.  My husband proclaimed his love for me when we were in the 5th grade.  We started dating when we were 16 and the rest is history.   Talk about soul mates....
10.  I just recently got an iphone
11. I live in Florida but I teach in Alabama. 
My five nominees are:
1.  Teaching with a smile
2.  Handy Dandy School Counselor
3. Just Keep Teaching
4. Kinder Lovin Care
5. Learning In Progress
The questions for my nominees are:
1. How long have you been teaching?
2.  Where did you go to college?
3.  Name one accessory that you just cannot live without
4. How many minutes does it take you to get to school each morning?
5.  If you were not a teacher, what is one profession that you could see yourself loving?
6.  What is the one thing that you have to have to get you through the tough days?
7. What is your one guilty pleasure?
8. Favorite hobby or past time?
9. Name one movie that you have watched more than 5 times...
10.  Your greatest blessing is??
Don't forget to name 11 random facts and find 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers.  Happy Blogging to all!!


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  1. Thanks for participating Courtney! I love your blog!