Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Around our Community

I have a Community unit on TPT and a few thing that I am posting are from that.  We were able to take three field trips around our town.  One of my favorite field trips is to our local Wal-Mart.  Who knew they will give you a tour of their store, give the children a large goody bag FULL of school supplies, and teach them the Wal-Mart cheer.  We also took a trip to our Electric Co-op.  The children were able to ride up in the bucket truck.  It was a great way to end our week!!

 Career Dress-up day.  I had a few kiddos that forgot, but these are just a few.  The cutest one you ask??  The lawyer in the middle!!  Gotta love the suit and tie.

 Community Vehicles and transportation.  We set these up as stations.  The children were able to pick two that they wanted to make.  It kept us from having to cut out THOUSANDS of little pieces.

 OK.  I evidently deleted the pic of the sheet that contained pics and writing.  Those that could use invented spelling were encouraged to do so and those who could write beg. sounds were encouraged as well.  Sorry, I do not have the pic with writing. You get the idea.

 In the back of Wal-Mart.  I'm telling you, if you have never taken a field trip to Wal-Mart is a WONDERFUL learning experience and they treat you like queens and kings.  They even gave goody bags to the teachers!! 

 These pics are from Southern Pine Electric.  They had a mini power line set up so the children could see what to do in case they ever see a downed power line.  It was fabulous!!

 Bucket truck rides were the high-light of the trip!!

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